Standard Mathemagics Show

After this 30 minute performance, you will be amazed, entertained, and maybe even inspired by the feats of mental math Ethan can perform. Watch the problems elevate from simple 2-digit multiplication to cube rooting numbers in the millions, solving algebra problems that are mathematically impossible, constructing magic squares that most performers have never dreamed of, and more. Maybe math isn't just limited to what you learn in grade school.

Shortened Mathemagics Show

A 5 to 20 minute mathemagics show is also a great addition to variety shows, magic showcases, and other multiple-performer productions.

My feeling about watching Ethan in action was ‘who needs a calculator?’. Clearly I’m not bringing the potato salad to the Mensa picnic... but Ethan is.
— Jimmy Altman, Fox CT News
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That’s pretty frickin’ awesome!
— Michael Hartl, Tau Manifesto
Fine performance!
— James "The Amazing" Randi