My name is Ethan Brown, and I am an 18-year-old filmmaker and satirical writer from Bethel, Connecticut. I graduated from Phillips Academy (Andover, Massachusetts) in June 2017 and am now an incoming freshman at Boston University. I plan to major in Film & Television and potentially do a dual degree or minor in Environmental Analysis & Policy. Please browse around and view some of my past and current work in film, as well as some of my past work as a "Mathemagician." Also, check out my satire blog, The Sweaty Penguin!


Featured Film: Through the fictional story of a teenager driving while intoxicated, A Drunken Oblivion attempts to shed light on the problems present in the drugs/alcohol education curricula at Andover and other high schools around the country. A Drunken Oblivion received Honorable Mention at The Hotchkiss Film Festival 2016 in Lakeville, CT.