A Drunken Oblivion - Honorable Mention Hotchkiss Film Fest 2016

Through the fictional story of a teenager driving while intoxicated, A Drunken Oblivion attempts to shed light on the problems present in the drugs/alcohol education curricula at Andover and other high schools around the country.

Behind the Mirror - Official Selection PAIFF 2017

After a long period of stress at school, Kyle (Zizo Bahnasy) punches his mirror only to find his reflection appear out of it. By splitting all of his work between the two of them, Kyle is able to appreciate the little things in life and become a happier person.

Bethel Police Station Referendum: Vote Yes - 2015

In light of the referendum on December 17, 2015, this video highlights some of the main topics of conversation surrounding the new Bethel Police Station.

Different Lawns in a Rough Summer - 2015

A video sent to clients of Teed & Brown Lawn Care Inc. explaining why their lawns may have struggled through the hot and dry 2015 summer and what the next steps are.

To Build a Home at Andover - Andover Night Live 2016

A prospective Andover student falls in love with his tour guide on his unusual campus tour.

Highlights from the Pelkie Family Reunion - 2015

During our family reunion (which occurs once every five years), I took video whenever I could and compiled a highlight video of the event for our family to keep and remember it with.

Highlights from Africa - 2015

A highlight video of our trip with our extended family to Botswana.